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从牧场变成牛奶厂——怀卡托牛奶的那些事儿。 参观剑桥的乳牛场(600头黑白花奶牛和泽西乳牛群)并听听新西兰“液态黄金”背后的故事吧。 Read More.





Walk through the paddocks touching the pasture, hear how best practices are engaged to manage quality with balanced environmental impact. Get close-up with a cow and discover concepts of animal breeding for maximum production. Visit the milking shed and learn how today’s farmer optimises herd output.

Special clothing and protective footware will be provided. To see milking in progress, specific times need to be arranged (5.30am & 2.30pm). Outdoor closed shoes are a requirement.1½ hour tour.

Operates on request, Monday to Sunday Reservations Ph. 07 823 3456

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