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沿着芒格陶塔伊以南的步道,深入了解这个阻止外部生物入侵的保护区的由来和发展, 你将看到南半球最长的围栏,观赏保留完好的原始森林和了解芒格陶塔伊山的历史。

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5-16岁儿童 - $12.50
家庭套票 - $75.00


You will appreciate the difference between a forest without predator pests and those where wildlife are threatened. You will see the glorious forest re-growth of the restored forest, very similar to what existed before pests were introduced to New Zealand. You will also learn about many special indigenous plants and we challenge you to spot the many bird species that make the mountain their home.The Southern Enclosure Tour starts at 9.00 am and 11.00 am and lasts for 1½ hours.

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